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The Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI) was established in 1907 to battle severe desertification problems and is one of the oldest institute of its kind in the world. SCSI is a governmental agency under the Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources. The main tasks of the SCSI include combating soil erosion and desertification and to promote sustainable land use.  Land reclamation and ecological restoration of degraded land are at the core of the activities.

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The Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI) The Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI) is an educational and research institution in the field of agriculture and environmental sciences. The main focus is on the conservation and sustainable use of land, plant and animal resources and restoration of ecosystems.  AUI has a long-lasting experience in mapping land resources and the state of the land.  AUI is involved in investigating green-house gas budgets for wetlands, forests and in relation to restoration of severely disturbed and degraded areas.   AUI offers degrees in restoration ecology.

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UNU-LRT has the mission to train specialists from developing countries to combat land degradation and restore degraded land, and to assist in strengthening institutional capacity and gender equality in the field of land restoration and sustainable land management.

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Landvernd, Icelandic Environment Association is a national environmental NGO.  The main emphasis is on nature conservation, in particular on the conservation of soil and vegetation. In the last two decades, Landvernd’s efforts have increasingly concentrated on protecting Iceland’s unique wilderness and landscapes, especially in the uninhabited central highlands of the country.

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SER Europe, a chapter of SER International, is a network of restoration experts, exchanging knowledge and expertise for the promotion of ecological restoration in Europe. The network is open to scientists, practitioners, policy makers and other restoration enthusiasts.

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