Abstract submission 



We are thrilled to announce that a large number of abstracts was submitted for the SER Europe 2018 Conference.  We are still in the process of sending out abstract notification to authors. Please bear with us while we complete this task. We expect last notifications to be sent out Wednesday 23th May.

Abstracts of oral and poster presentations should be maximum of 300 words in English, with a title of no more than 15 words. No references, tables or figures should be included in the abstract. It is the responsibility of the author(s) to ensure that the abstract text does not contain typos or grammatical errors. No changes can be made after the abstract has been submitted. Please note that each author may submit only one abstract to the conference as the first presenter, but can be a co-author on other submitted abstracts.

Abstracts can only be submitted online using the abstract submission form. Please note that presenters in symposia should access the submission form through a link sent to them by the symposium organizers.

During the abstract submission you will be asked to choose between oral and poster presentation. As the number of oral presentations at the conference is limited, authors submitting abstracts for oral presentation may in some cases be invited to present a poster instead. Posters will be on display from the beginning of the conference and presented during designated poster session(s).

Sessions will be developed based on accepted abstracts. Please select the most appropriate topic from the list in the submission form. We also ask you to provide up to three keywords for your presentation to help the scientific committee to group the presentations into comprehensive sessions.

The abstracts will be reviewed by members of the scientific committee with regard to scientific quality and relevance to the conference. A notification of acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be issued by 15 May 2018.  Please note that in order to guarantee the inclusion of presentations in the Conference Program and abstracts in the Conference Book of Abstract, all presenters have to register and pay the conference fees by 5 June 2018.

Tentative topics

When submitting your abstract, please select one of the topics below and provide up to three keywords. Sessions will be developed based on accepted abstracts

  • Restoration and climate change
  • Restoration and climate change – carbon dynamics
  • Restoration and climate change – targets
  • Restoration and climate change – biodiversity
  • Restoration and climate change – policy and practices
  • Ecological restoration and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Ecological restoration: Concepts, theory and standards
  • The role of restoration in sustainable tourism/outdoor recreation
  • Governance and Policy
  • Communication / participation
  • Economy
  • Resilience (social and ecological)
  • Ecosystem services and restoration
  • Restoration strategy/planning
  • Forest/woodland restoration
  • Grassland restoration
  • Peatland/wetland restoration
  • River restoration
  • Coastal/marine restoration
  • Dryland restoration
  • Restoration in the urban environment
  • Heathland restoration
  • Restoration at high latitudes
  • Ecosystem processes / Ecosystem functioning
  • Soils
  • Restoration for biodiversity
  • Invasive species
  • Ecological engineering
  • Landscape architecture and restoration ecology
  • Restoration genetics
  • Mycorrhiza / Biological soil crust (Biocrust)