Mid-conference excursions

Wednesday 12 September is dedicated to mid-conference excursions, both half- and full-day tours. All tours will introduce participants to Icelandic landscapes, scenic views and give snapshots of some of the most spectacular Icelandic nature. Degraded ecosystems will be explored, the degradation history of Iceland discussed and restoration activities observed.

See map with the offered excursions below, including a short description of each. More detailed descriptions will be posted later. Lunch or lunch packages are included.

Wednesday 12 September

Snæfellsnes & Borgarfjörður in West-Iceland 10.000 ISK
Duration 10 hours
Langjökull glacier & the southern interior desert 10.000 ISK
Duration 10 hours
Hekla forests-large scale restoration native birch woodland 10.000 ISK
Duration 10 hours
Reykjanes Peninsula 7.000 ISK
Duration 6 hours
Reykjadalur-Sustainable fottpath’s as a means of land & vegetation protection 7.000 ISK
Duration 6 hours
Reykjavik city walk 1.000 ISK
Duration 4 hours
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