Post conference excursion

A three days post-conference trip is scheduled 14-16 September, leaving Reykjavík early Friday morning and returning Sunday night. During the trip we explore S- and SE-Iceland visiting some of Iceland’s most spectacular areas with volcanoes, extensive lava fields and retreating glaciers. Sites we will visit include a >600 km2 woodland restoration project, Hekluskógar (Heklaforest) in the vicinity of the volcano Mt Hekla, a large-scale reclamation experiment and extensive glacier outwash plains Skeiðarársandur and Breiðamerkursandur, undergoing primary succession following glacial retreat and other changes in their disturbance regimes. En route we will also visit a number of scenic places, including Eldhraun, Öræfajökull and Jökulsárlón, and drive through parts of the interior highlands, weather permitting. There is a max. number of 25 participants  in this trip.

See map with the offered excursion below. More detailed descriptions will be posted later.

Friday 14 September – Sunday 16 September

Post Conference Excursion                                                             85.000 ISK
Food and accommodation are included in the total price of this tour

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