Preliminary sessions schedule

(may be subject to change)

G: General session
S: Symposium
W: Workshop

Preliminary sessions schedule (PDF)
Preliminary speakers schedule at a glance (PDF)
18:00-20:00    Welcome reception and registration at Reykjavik City Hall

Participants will be able to register at the Welcome reception.

07:30-09:00   Registration
09:00-09:40   Opening ceremony and SER Europe Member Assembly

09:40-10:20   Plenary session: B. Orr

10:20-10:50   Coffee
10:50-12:00   Plenary session: H.H. Ægisdóttir and B. Dossah
12:00-13:30   Lunch
13:30-15:30   Session 1

  • Restoration for biodiversity (G)
  • River restoration (G)
  • The socio-economic-political context of ecological restoration
    in a time of climate change (S)
  • Grassland restoration in Europe: Current status and future prospects (S)
  • Adapting dryland forest and woodlands to climate change: lessons from past reforestations to the future (S)
  • Chief Ecosystem Officers –and how the ENABLE-consortium works to educate these (W)
15:30-16:30   Poster session I / Coffee
16:30-18:30   Session 2

  • Restoration and climate change (G)
  • The challenges of large-scale landscape restoration―from theory to practice (S)
  • Grassland restoration in Europe: Current status and future prospects, continued (S)
  • How to use knowledge on land restoration to reach the UN Sustainable
    Development Goals? (S)
  • Restoring river connectivity: challenges and current developments (W)
  • Round table on SER Standards (W)
08:30-10:30   Session 3

  • Restoration and climate change, continued (G)
  • Forest/woodland restoration (G)
  • Grassland/heathland restoration (G)
  • Invasive species (G)
  • Promise and perils of peatland restoration in the climate change era (S)
  • Can the concept of cultural landscape help scale up restoration? (S)
10:30-11:00   Coffee
11:00-12:00   Session 4

  • Restoration and tourism (G)
  • Restoration in arctic and alpine areas (G)
  • Costal/marine restoration (G)
  • Getting under and ahead of climate change: Soil resilience and assisted migration (S)
12:00-13:30   Lunch
13:30-15:30   Session 5

  • Peatland/wetland restoration (G)
  • Forest restoration at multiple scales: from species and microsites to habitats and landscapes (S)
  • Trait-based ecosystem engineering – using plant traits in recovery of ecosystem functions and services (S)
  • Nature’s little helpers: The role of cyanobacteria in ecosystem restoration (S)
  • Restoring natural landscapes in urban and urbanizing areas (S)
  • Ecological restoration: Education, training, communication and opportunities for employability (W)
15:30-16:30   Poster session II / Coffee
16:30-18:30   Session 6

  • Challenges of peatland restoration (S)
  • Forest restoration at multiple scales: from species and microsites to habitats and landscapes, continued (S)
  • Trait-based ecosystem engineering – using plant traits in recovery of ecosystem functions and services, continued (S)
  • Restoration strategies (G)
  • Converting bare soil into high conservational habitats: the importance of plant-soil interactions (S)
  • Ecological restoration: challenges for education and training, and opportunities for employability (W)
  • Easy to use free software for hydrological analyses. Useful for planning in hydrologically sensitive projects (W)

Mid-Conference excursions

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08:30-10:00   Plenary session: D. Hagen and D.A. Falk
10:00-10:30   Coffee
10:30-12:30   Session 7

  • Climate forum – bringing science, policies and business together
  • Ecosystem recovery and ecosystem services (G)
  • A more comprehensive restoration using nature-based and/or ecological engineering approaches (S)
  • Restoration and species introduction in urban areas (S)
  • Ecological restoration under complex socio-environmental conditions: the Latin-American experience (S)
  • How can restoration practitioners be supported to make ‘evidence-based’ decisions? (W)
12:30-13:30   Lunch
13:30-14:50 Session 8

  • Planning and evaluation of restoration (G)
  • Developing Resilient Communities: Integrating Restoration Science and the Built Environment (S)
  • Cost-effectiveness of ecological restoration based on ecosystem services (S)
  • Ecological engineering (G)
  • Natura 2000, habitat connectivity and climate change adaptation (S)
14:50-15:10   Coffee
15:10-16:30   Plenary session: E. Gomez-Baggethun and H. Joosten

16:30-16:45   Closing ceremony

18:30  Pre-drink and Perlan exhibitions ( )

20:00  Conference dinner at Perlan

Friday 14 September – Sunday 16 September

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